Wintertime in Ohio is always one of my least favorite things. It is cold, snowy, and feels generally unbearable to go outside. In my first semester away from home and away from the comfort of cars to shuttle me from one indoor location to the next; I was expecting the worst. These cold winter months are made much more bearable with friends though, especially when old high school friends come to hang with new college friends.


One of my favorite cold weather adventures was my visit the Zoo Lights at the Columbus Zoo. Ten out of ten would recommend. I have never seen so many Christmas lights all in one place; it created a beautiful and almost magical atmosphere.The Columbus Zoo around the holidays would be perfect for a romantic date night. Although many of the animals were hibernating or hiding away in the warmth of the buildings, it was still exciting to walk around and take in all the lights and animals that were out. Hot chocolate is definitely recommended on the trek through the zoo. Overall, going to the zoo just brings out your inner child and that is a good feeling, especially with all of the stress from classes and exams.